Jay Chou, you have a new fan

Yesterday, Bubbles was rummaging through our DVD collection when this caught her eye.

She held the case tight and ran to show it to me.

Hat! she says, giggling with excitement
Hat! she repeats, as she dramatically pats her head, her face beaming

Today, I saw her pick out this DVD again, mumbling Hat! to herself before giving Jay a kiss.

Well, she has come a long way since our very 1st hat game!


Cindy said...

She is very advanced in speech for her age!!!!

Erm..not to mention genre of music too. LOL!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

haha! She's not heard his music yet though! About speaking, she seems to be on a roll right now - attempting to repeat everything we say. As a result she's getting lots of practice and can understand and say quite a lot of words. It is an enjoyable time for us!