The Breakfast Show

Did you know that you can watch a free show at the Jurong Bird Park?

We discovered it by chance last weekend while deciding on a family outing. They do The Early Bird Breakfast Show, where you  get to watch a couple of birds perform while having your breakfast. Park admission tickets are not required, and you are allowed in as long as you purchase a Hawk's Cafe breakfast item.

Breakfast starts at 8.30am, and the Show at 9.15am.
After the show, you'll get a chance to take photographs of and with the birds, and can choose to get your fortunes predicted by a card-picking bird.

Our plan was to just stay for breakfast and the show, and then let Bubbles roam around outside the Park. There's a little pond with fishes, ducks and swans. However, after seeing how Bubbles was so intrigued by the colourful birds, we paid to enter the park and stayed for half a day!

Anyway I thought I'll share about the show because the chap you see in the photo told us that hardly anyone goes for it! I think it makes for a very pleasant morning outing!


The Kam family said...

We have been to the same breakfast show about 2 years ago. Yes, not many people are aware of it. At that time, only us and another family and that's on a weekend. We should be back to the Bird Park soon.....

Kary said...

Corsage, thanks for this post! now I know of a breakfast with birds without having to pay for entrance fees! might nip a trip there tomorrow! thanks.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes, let's hope they don't stop it!

Hope you make it! It will be a pleasant little morning outing :)

Anonymous said...

You had me at FREE! ahahaha. But it does seem like a nice idea esp since she's up soooo early in the AM.

Thanks for the heads up :)