Painting Fun

I read that around that time babies walk, they can begin to draw and paint.

One day, before bathtime (yes, painting THEN bath - this order is essential), I stuck a piece of mahjong paper on the floor - a big square piece. I set out some Crayola washable finger paint on plates and left Bubbles free to do her 'art'.

She worked her way to removing as much paint as she could from the plates and splattering them on the paper. She looked at her coloured fingers and tasted the colourful, slimey paint.

Later, I handed her a small balloon. It was one of the leftover balloons from her 1st birthday party (yes they are still around the house!). I had let some air out so that it was a size she could handle. I showed her how to dab the paint using the little balloon.

By then, she had tired of the paper, and started dabbing the floor, creating round patches everywhere.

When she had enough of paint play, we transited to water play in the bathroom :)

Read about her first 'taste' of painting here.


Cindy said...

Tabby love painting too! I love Caryola! Have you tried their washable markers too! Tabby love dooling on her hands, chair, paper, table! Gives me time to cook during mealtime. :P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yeah Crayola is the best! A friend recommended the brand and I was amazed by the range of products they have. I'm avoiding markers for now because Bubbles likes to bite them =P

yAnn said...

Love the look of concentration on her little face!

You are such an awesome mom, always thinking of new ways to engage Bubbles. I hope that when I have kids, I will be as innovative as you are. :)

Kelly said...

OOO that looks like fun! Can't wait for K to have a go at that one day! But with an over hyped baby like him, I will only be attempting to do this OUTSIDE!!! xx

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I won't be surprised at all at you becoming an awesome mom! Motherhood makes makes women do things they never thought possible :) That, plus the fact that you seem to have discerning awareness about yourself as a person! Lastly, we all learn what to do (and NOT!) from our parents.

Outside is good! I would do that too if I had a balcony or a garden! Wouldn't want to mess around in the estate. haha!