Have you tried the bowling alley?

This is the thing about bringing kids out.

Sometimes you have it all planned. You do your research (ask other mums, check out forums, read blogs like this one muahaha etc), set the date and time, prepare the kids (naps out of the way, preferrably poo too), pack your bag and set out with a confident expectation that your kids will have a reasonably enjoyable time.

Then there are those instances where you suddenly stumble upon a place you've never considered as A place for kids.

Well, we stumbled upon the bowling alley. I wonder why I've never thought about it before?

Bubbles sat enthralled by the big bowling balls rolling down the alleys, crashing into bowling pins with satisfactory bangs. When there were strikes, or especially loud bangs, she would raise her arms up and shout something that sounds like bangoom! (I think it is a combination of a bang and a boom)

While we were there, there was a company tournament going on, so in addition to the exciting bowling balls and loud bangs, Bubbles was treated to regular claps and cheers. She clapped along of course, everytime others did.

And oh, she tried really hard to lift a bowling ball. You should have seen her puzzled expression when she realised it was just.not.possible.


celcilia_tjioe said...

wahahahaa.. she is just too cute!

Lisa said...

What a fun idea! She's such a little cutie. I love that you call her Bubbles. So cute!

lovexiaolongbao said...

haha so funny!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you :)

Thanks for popping by! I probably have tons to learn from your parenting experiences!

I know!!! I was laughing so hard all the photos turned out a bit blur =P

Unknown said...

Oh we've been here too and we love it! In fact we're going again this afternoon! The kids so can lift the 7 pounders by themselves now, and really "bowl"!