Happee Day Activity Kits!

There are wonderful people out there who regularly put in time, effort and heart into supporting their chosen community causes and charities.

I realise I don't measure up very much in this regard. My giving has so far been rather sporadic - via my church's activities, a small regular cut of my income to a chosen charity, and occasional creative efforts that ride on fundraising events hosted by others.

Recently, I felt compelled to support Mother, Inc's Happee Day event by working to put together Activity Kits for each child who will be going for the Carnival. The intention is to bring Happeeness beyond the fun they will experience at the Carnival. Hopefully, each item in the Activity Kit will help engage the children during times they are cooped up at home or at the hospital, and to take their minds off any pain and discomfort they feel, even for a little while.

I sent a shout out to my friends to ask for sponsors. I am humbled and surprised by the responses I received via text messages, emails and Facebook posts.

So yes, the Activity Kits are definitely going ahead thanks to the generosity of my friends! 40 Roald Dahl books have been delivered to me, ready to be packed. On the way to me are T-shirts and fabric paint, Origami sets, Puzzles, Christmas Card making and Photo Scrapbook materials.
Thank you friends, and thank you Daphne for having the heart to start this in the first place!

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