Another baby?

This is the "conversation" I had with Bubbles last night at bedtime:

Me: Who's the baby in the family?
Bubbles: Enthusiastically pats her chest.

Me: Oh, but that may not always be the case. Would you like to have another baby in the family?
Bubbles: Stares and proceeds to vigorously shake her head.

Me (disbeliefing): No? Wouldn't you like to have another baby to play with and to sayang?
Bubbles: Pauses, and shakes her head even harder (her hair was flopping all over her face)

Me (thinking maybe she was in a 'shake head' mood): Really? How about a dog, would you like a dog?
Bubbles: Eyes open wide, and shouts "Dog!" with fervour. No head shaking this time.

Hmmmmm... ...

Looks like I may have to do more conditioning before planning for No. 2?


Cindy said...

LOL! Just have no.2! :P They usually only fully get it when they see a bump or when they see an actual baby! No matter how much I try to prepare Tab (by telling her about an impending baby, touching my tum tum or telling her stories) it doesn't seem sufficient! She will probably need to cold turkey the whole process when it happens. :P

mirrror said...

Don't worry, they'll nod their head eventually. My gal started shaking her head vigorously, then changed to nodding her head with the same enthusiasm.

lovexiaolongbao said...

Dylan just started nodding 2 days ago! Anyway, wait for me let's have one together again! How about early next year?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, you're speaking from experience! I'm really excited to see how your kids will interact with each other! Bubbles seem to like other babies, so I'm thinking maybe she simply did not fully understand the question!

Funny how they learn to shake their head first huh? I think saying 'no' is more important for survival! muahaha

That's when I'm thinking too! yay :)

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

LOL! This is so funny! Come to think of it, it didn't occur to me to prepare them for an impending sibling by asking them. Maybe it is because Anya is still too young to respond yes/no anyway. Instead of asking, I just tell her. Heh.

thesavvymummy said...

Yup, I'm sure she will eventually start nodding her head. Think the reality will only hit her when you bring the new baby home! said...


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Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Anya's mom:
Oh are you expecting?!! :)

Nodding seems to be a developmental milestone! We'll see about baby No. 2. All the best for your delivery! :)

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Oh no! Not yet. That will be, errr, too fast right? Haha.. But am planning to soon, in His timing.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Anya's mom:
I have a friend who conceived when her 1st born was only 5 months old :) Yes, in His time!

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Lol! Well, I have a friend who has a sibling of same age as him (and yet not twins).