The night with the lantern

I embarassingly don't really know the significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I recognise the season because there will always be mooncakes in the house (almost always gifted), and a plethora of lanterns being sold at shops everywhere.

I've heard it is a tradition for grandparents to buy lanterns for their grandkids. My mother-in-law did buy one for Bubbles. A battery-operated Winnie the Pooh paper lantern. It is actually rather pretty, and doesn't blast any annoying music.

Tonight, the estate management organised a little gathering for the residents. They distributed paper lanterns and sparklers, and served finger food. Many kids were running around the area with glowy lanterns in their hands and the air was filled with a mild smell of smoke.

Bubbles eyes were opened WIDE when she saw all the interesting things that were happening around her. She dutifully held her lantern as she toddled around, occasionally shrieking with excitement or waving to other kids. After a while, her arm got tired and she ended up dragging the lantern on the floor. Soon, she didn't want to hold it any more, and was content toddling (with her hand in mine), everywhere.


celcilia_tjioe said...

Hahaha.. you wrote it so detailed from she was in still full excitement until the enjoyment deflated.

josiah n faith said...

hey, my parents bought jireh n nana the same lanterns!

lilsnooze said...

The festival didnt mean much to me till we had is just so much more fun with them around, isn't it?

Nat didnt want to carry any lantern this year!

poiema said...

so sweet! is she starting to take a couple of steps on her own already? catch them on video!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha! She enjoyed the people and atmosphere more than the lantern itself I guess!

Really? Cool - hers was bought in KL :)

Definitely more interesting with them :) And you're going to get double that soon!

Yes! She can walk up to about 10 steps unaided. Haven't taken any vids though!