So I spent yesterday evening at a kickboxing class I recently signed up for. Since giving birth, I have not intentionally exercised and I felt ready to start!

During my pregnancy, I swam a lot. In fact, I was swimming up to the very day I gave birth. However, these shoes you see me wearing were languishing in my shoe cabinet for such a long time that I was afraid they would crumble! I also forgot that all my exercise gear have been packed away in the storeroom, so had to make do with a pair of harem-y pants. It actually turned out to be a great choice because I think its baggyness hid all my wobbles. haha.

So how did the class go? I was happy to note that my upper body strength is in pretty good shape. I didn't feel the strain the way many others did (well, I do lift a 9.2kg baby every single day). I also managed the cardio parts pretty well, and managed to do most of it without cheating on the intensity. However, because I was nursing one of those long-drawn headaches that make me nauseous, I went away for a while during the warm down to throw up. I felt great after that.

My legs felt slightly wobbly during dinner, but I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine.

Am quite pleased that I made the choice to do this class. Best of all, if my friends indulge me, and if I get childcare sorted, we might be able to do once-a-week dinners after classes now. Maybe!


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Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Woo Hoo! :)

ame said...

once a week dinners sound good! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats! i have been wanting to try out muay thai or kick boxing! but always chicken out because no one to accompany me and i am afraid i will not be able to survive the first lesson since i have not exercised for donkey years. i am in bad shape and feel ashamed about it so i dunno where or how to start. of course being a working mom also means i have to be concerned about commitment and child care responsibilities... - wendy wong

Unknown said...

Wow! A nice dollop. Congrats! I love kickboxing and now reading this article I've been inspired to learn. Is it available in MMA in Connecticut ?