Party Planning

This is the week of Bubbles' 1st birthday!

She had another 'birthday party' practice over the weekend - attending a joint birthday party of a 3-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl. Amazingly, she didn't mind wearing a party hat!

My in-laws are arriving soon. We've moved Bubbles back into our room to make space for our guests.

Checklist of things done:
- Decorations
- Balloons - 6 10-balloon bunches + 1 birthday bouquet
- Cake - a lychee sponge cake baked by a friend. The design is a surprise but will go with the "Let's Make Music!" theme.
- Photographer - yes I caved in and hired one
- Kiddos' play area set-up - musical toys, ride-on toys, push/pull toys, bubbles, and a tent
- Goody bags - mostly done
- Outfit for Bubbles - she'll be in a bubble dress! :)


I just need to print out photos for a photo-line. And maybe get flowers?

Now, what am I to wear?!


mummybean said...

wow, you're all set! i'm sure everything will be lovely. looking forward to the pictures!

mirrror said...

Wow, Happy birthday bubbles!!

Life will definitely be more exciting after one, when she gets more interactive and surprises you more daily with things she learnt.

Have a blessed Birthday!

poiema said...

So cute with the party hat!

I think K has the same dress from h&m! :)

happy happy birthday in advance!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Almost all set :) I've decided to 'unwring' myself because I was enroute to becoming high strung about it. I've delegated the last few bits of prep to others. I hope the photos turn out well too!

Thank you! Thanks too for sharing how things will be more exciting from now. I'm so looking forward!

I was surprised that she didn't mind wearing it especially with the elastic around her chin! But I have no time to buy hats for her own party. Yes, the dress IS from H&M! Hehe. A gift from my sister.