Birthday Party 2: Play Time!

A play area was set up in the party room for the kiddos.

In line with the music theme, I prepared a dedicated play area with whole bunch of musical toys - instruments, a music book, an assortment of clappers, shakers etc. (I made some shakers with empty bottles and rice grains.) Each goody bag contained an animal shaped castanets that some kids took out to play.

I considered hiring additional toys or a bouncy castle type of thing, but decided I would save that money for Bubbles' birthday parties when she is older! Instead, I had lovely guests who responded to my request to bring a musical toy each. Some friends also brought ride-y type toys that were a hit.

The Ikea tent you see in the 1st photo was also widely popular. It cost me only S$12.90! A great buy indeed. It proved really hardy and emerged unscathed after heavy duty rough play!

We were delighted that the play area worked out way better than expected. I'll certainly use this idea again for future parties!


imp said...

so much effort you put into creating this space. it's so inviting! i want to hop in to play too!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I had fun putting it together. Would do this again anytime :)