Birthday Party 1: Cake, Goody Bags & Balloons

I received photos from Bubbles' birthday party and was in a state of inertia for a while. It is the kind of compelling inaction that takes over when you see too much of a good thing and cannot decide what to do with all of them.

Her "Let's Make Music!" party had plenty of musical toys, a 'grand piano' atop the homemade birthday cake, a 12-month photo wall, balloons and bubbles. We had about 100 grown-up guests, and more than 30 kids (!) That was already a streamlined guest list.

I found it tough to select photos that reflect the spirit of the party without compromising on our guests' privacy. Hope you enjoy them nevertheless! :)


Daphne (motherinc) said...

Lovely pictures and looks like a fabulous celebration. And yes, having your own domain is AWESOME you can tinker with all sorts of stuff.

Keep blogging, love it!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks! It is awesome alright! Just need to find more time to do more tinkering!

O Tulip Mama said...

Hi, am impressed by the BD party u prepared for your girl. Well done for all the work! Also tks for the resources u posted. Gd reference for my girls coming up in a couple of mths time :) I muz say the cake was veri intereting!

Like your blog. Will check in often!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

o tulip mama:
Thanks for dropping a note! Let me know if I can help with suggestions for your daughters' birthday parties. I'm sure they will be great too :)