1st Birthday Party Resources

I've had a few people ask me where I got stuff for Bubbles' 1st birthday party. I hope this little list will come in handy for those who might need it!

Birthday Cake(s)
We were blessed to have my MIL bake the actual day birthday cake, and a friend bake the one for the party. Both were delicious! If I had to buy a cake though, I may have gone for Artisan Sweets. I love their macarons, their cakes look gorgeous and the staff/owner whom I talked to when I was in the shop was thoroughly pleasant. If I was swayed by nostalgia, I would have chosen Smiling Orchid. They have been around since my childhood days, and have consistently produced quality cakes. Many of my childhood birthday cakes came from there!

Party Decorations
1. Sister (made the musical notes deco and helped me decorate the room while I got Bubbles ready)
2. Dad (printed photos of Bubbles on A4 paper and provided clear plastic sheets to create sharpness to the shots)
3. A large party supply shop at People's Park Centre, There are also a few similar ones at Tekka Mall. I was told many of these moved there from the Concourse. I chose to go to this shop because their products are sold more cheaply than shops in glitzier malls. If you are particular, you will find yourself doing a bit of digging to get what you want though. I didn't mind doing so!

A Party Factory
A little party shop tucked away at Cluny Court, they sell helium inflated (plain coloured) balloons for S$1 each. They come tied with ribbon strings and are usually bundled into bunches of 10 for easy transaportation. I paid $20 for delivery because I ordered too many to fit into a car. Otherwise, it shouldn't be a problem to collect them on the day of the party yourself! We gave every kid 1-2 balloons to take home.

Goody Bags
1. SKP
For paper bags, foam stickers and little wooden toys.
2. NTUC Fairprice
You can't go wrong with picking up some snacks from here. Especially for older kids.
3. Love for Earth
My favourite organic store run by a lovely couple. I bought snacks suitable for the younger kiddos.

We decided to go with Casserole after rave reviews from our guests during Bubbles' 1st month party where we also catered from them. People genuinely like the food, and portions are generous without being excessive. I think I've found my to-go-to caterer!

Melvin Ho Photography
This chosen based on a friend's recommendation. She made all the contact arrangements for me. I like Melvin's work, and he really is an easy going guy who delivered what we wanted. Roboman in particular was mighty pleased because I didn't need to nag him during the party to take photos =P Our CD of photos came to us less than a week after the party, and Melvin thoughtfully saved them in both full size as well as a smaller sized version for online uploading. Plus!

Read about the party here, here and here.


celcilia_tjioe said...

You are very thoughtful in throwing a birthday party for Bubbles!
There are big differences from those I ever attended before, I cud say 80% of the parents won't bother to privately get involved with all those trivia and whatnot.
Salute to you! =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Aww, many parents will do so for their kids! I think the challenge for me is to not go overboard and spend unneccessarily. This will probably be one of her biggest parties in a long time to come.