Pasta dinner

Our friend is leaving for London for a long-term stay, so we invited him and a few friends over for dinner.

I planned a really simple dinner of a trio of pastas with 3 different sauces, and a large smoked salmon salad. Unfortunately 2 guests caught a bad bug and had to cancel that afternoon. I cut it down to 2 pastas, and let everyone plonk on the sauces of their choice. We used ready made sauces and added our own meats, vegetables and herbs. I unfortunately didn't have the energy whip up something from scratch and honestly felt a tad guilty the whole evening about it!

Thankfully, it was a lovely conversational evening where I only had to sneak off for a bit to feed and put Bubbles to bed. Our guests also enjoyed the food (they had seconds and thirds!) and didn't seem to mind that I didn't entirely make the sauces myself.

Roboman thanked me that night for arranging dinner, and it made me feel really special. The evening reminded me that it is people, and not my cooking that matters. I suspect this is a lesson I'll have to remind myself again in the future!


~tif;fany* said...

dun be so hard on yourself babe, you dun need to do everything from scratch/on your own!

cote-p said...

looks yummy! :)

imp said...

i'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves. hey, pasta sauces from ground up will increase meal prep to 1.5 days. you've so many things to do! don't feel guilty! i'm sure the guests appreciated it all!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I know! I went through with it, so I probably am not being too hard on myself. hee. I know too many fab hosts and thus feel I can do better!

Really? Haha. I didn't even have any good photos of the sauces.

Good company almost always makes up for less than perfect food! And yah these days I have to just focus on what is important and what works!