of Apples, Teddy Bears and maybe Shoes

Bubbles can recognise Apples and Teddy Bears, and is suddenly able to say what they are. She has already been calling her teddy bear "Bear" for some time now, and has been saying "Apple" (she says Air Per - but you get it!) like 10000 times a day. However, I thought it was a fluke last Thursday when she identified both an apple and a teddy bear in her picture book.

I couldn't believe it so I took that picture book from my mum's place (where Bubbles goes twice a week) to see if it was for real. And it is!

I also showed her a photo of an apple from another book - this time a green one instead of red, and again she said: Air Per.

This evening at the supermarket, she excitedly shouted "Air Per!" when she saw a pile of apples in the fruit section, so I parked her in the shopping trolley next to the apples while I went to pick up other stuff. She was fully engrossed in watching other shoppers choose their apples and protested when it was time to tow the trolley (with her in it) away!

About Shoes. She has this thing about shoes - from the way she reminds us to put on shoes before we go out (with lots of eh eh sounds and pointing at the shoes on the floor) you would think we frequently left home without shoes. And when she sees a picture of shoes in her picture book, she puts her foot on the page. It is most hilarious!

I just can't help being thrilled by these milestones, insignificant as they may be in the larger scheme of things!


Sharmane said...

Not insignifiant at all! Milestones! Milestones!

josiah n faith said...

bubbles is such a smart lil girl!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Milestones for us! But I have to remind myself not to be so sucked into this motherhood thing that I forget the rest of the world exists! (Not easy but I try). How are you coping?

The way I see it, she has always been very clear about her likes and dislikes since she was a very small bub. She has just learnt to clearly shake her head to mean 'No'. Coupled with pointing at things (and directions) she wants, you can just imagine how parenting for me has just gone to a totally new level! I need to start preparing for that some point in the not too distant future when disciplining is required!

Kelly (Life with a MIni) said...

clever girl! Next thing to learn "CHOCOLATE"!!!!

Amanda said...

It's hardly insignificant! How delightful!!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

CHOCOLATE?!! Hahaha! How about ICE-CREAM? If she takes after me it will be MALA HOTPOT! ROFL =D

Aw thanks! 'Delightful' is such a nice word choice!

~tif;fany* said...

i love air-per too! =)

i wonder if shoes is a girls' thing?!