Mummy-Baby Outing: Ikea Fun!

People often ask me what I do with Bubbles on the 2 weekdays a week I don't need to work. Taking her for outings is something I often make plans for.

I am now confident of taking her out on my own, having done so countless times since that very 1st Mummy-Baby outing. Till today, I still get awed comments from friends and even strangers who see me alone with her. However, I've realised that people generally fall into 2 camps: Those who think it is an admirably challenging task to be out alone with a baby, and those who don't think it is a big deal and see it as a perfectly normal thing for a mother to do. I am now somewhere in the middle on this.

For me, I think it is important for Bubbles to experience different places, see new things, and learn the first baby attempts at socialising with others. Thankfully, she thoroughly enjoys going out and would visibly show excitement when I put on her socks and shoes, and pop her in the stroller.

As tiring as it might be, every outing is also a learning and enjoyable experience for me. I learn more about my baby as I observe her taking in her surroundings and watching her responses to new things and people. I am thrilled when she is, and celebrate every magical moment with her. Sometimes in the midst of play, she would turn to look at me with a joyful smile, as if to say 'Mummy, did you see that? I'm having so much fun!', and my heart sings!
One of my favourite places to go is Ikea. Not for their SmÃ¥land because she's still too small for that. (You need to be at least 90cm tall). Instead, I take her to the little play area in the middle of the restaurant where there are rolly and fiddly things on the walls to play with, and stuff under glass panels on the floor to look at. She can be in there for about 15-20 minutes (including watching other kids), before I take her to THE place to go - where Ikea kids' stuff are actually on display.

She explores the swings, swirly cocoon chairs, tents, tunnels, and bunk beds. There's plenty to crawl into, peer over, shake around, peep at, push and prod. It gets even more fun when other kids get into the action. Once, she chuckled so loudly when doing a roly poly in a soft hanging swing that a few people stopped by to see me scoop up my laughing baby :)

The only thing about being out alone with baby, is that it is often difficult to get decent photos. These here aren't good because I was hovering around trying to make sure she didn't roll off and thump her head in excitement!

[I go to Ikea Alexandra but all other Ikea stores should be similar.]


Cindy said...

Tab loves Ikea too! Esp the restaurant's play area! :) Its a fun place to be at! But its so far from our place and we don't have a car. :( If not I will visit there more often

mirrror said...

Totally agree with you. Ikea is our favourite hangout place too. My gal loves the slide and will go up and down all so many times. Good way to wear off her abundance energy.

We go the one at Tampines. ;)

yuling said...

I go to the Alexandra one too! It's one place I have to go with my husband though, coz I ALWAYS end up buying too much crap.

Let's hang out one of these days! I'm off two days a week too! :)

mummybean said...

We go to the Alexandra one too, and like Yuling, I always end up buying too much crap too. Haha. DD gets worried whenever I mention wanting to go to Ikea. Count me in if you gals decide to go! Poor Noey's been stuck at home a lot cos these days my free days are spent supervising contractors fixing up stuff at home...

Kelly said...

I remember your first outing, and then my own. I am an in betweener as well. I think we become more confident as we go along. And seeing our children happy certainly makes our hearts beam too =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Which one do you go to? Maybe I can give you a lift :)

Oh the slides! And the ballroom :) I loved playing at Ikea as a kid too.

yuling + beanbean:
We should go together! Bubbles will have to keep up with Noey and Lil Missy ;)

Wow you remember :) Yes I do agree that our confidence does grow. They also get easier as they get older and more mobile. I'm looking forward to the day Bubbles can walk so I don't need to carry her so much, or support her as she 'walks'!

Cindy said...

so nice of you to offer!! but we live quite far apart right? Boo hoo. pai seh to bother you!

BTW, I like how you can tie her hair! I don't know when Tab will have enough hair for me to tie!