I don't like fireworks, mama!

This photo was taken last month.
Her face is just full of baby curves. Love :)
That forehead is mine!

She cried when she heard the fireworks last night :( She went mama mama as tears streaked down her face with every *bang*. Maybe we shouldn't have dragged her out past her bedtime to troop to town!


lynklee said...

same! kate completely freaked out, cried, turned away to clutch me tightly as I carried her and I had to sing her favourite song to calm her down.

but i thoroughly enjoyed the great view and lovely bursts of fire!!

josiah n faith said...

heh heh... Jireh slept through 45 min of fireworks in Geneva when he was 7 months old :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh dear! Was it the first time for her too? I was wondering if I should covered her ears from the start. Like you, I enjoyed the fireworks too :) But I did feel a little guilty that it was somewhat at the expense of Bubbles!

Wow! He's a heavy sleeper?

lilsnooze said...

Well, nat still doesnt like the fireworks! But he loves seeing the army tanks! And the fighter plane. Really boy lor!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha! yes so boy! Bubbles loves planes too. These few weeks because of the NDP rehearsals we have been seeing lots. Now she will point out of the window when she hears the roar of planes!