My new Starbucks mug

Filled with green tea latte. My afternoon companion


Anonymous said...

the lighting and colours look really nice? Maybe i should really think about an iphone. SF

Anonymous said...

hey!!! i always order green tea latte when i am at starbucks! :) we got great taste! hahaha. nice mug, by the way. -- wendy

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You should! There are tons of apps that can help make your photos look nice. This one I used is simple the Photoshop app.

You do? Unfortunately for me it wasn't about taste - I didn't even know it existed! I'm boring like that. Always ordering what I am familiar with. But I already had a coffee and had to choose a free Tall drink (that comes with the purchase of any mug). A friend made the recommendation. It is not bad! But I still prefer my usual ;)