The week just zoomed by.

I guess it happens when you're:

a mother of a teething 10-and-a-half-month-old,

part of a team that ran an event for 1,200 people, and

a wife of a man who had to go under the knife for a sports related condition.

The other pockets of time were filled with work meetings, grocery shopping, scheduled lunches, playdates, massages (only way to catch up on sleep), many walks, and serious one-on-one chats.

Still, I was there to put Bubbles to bed every single night. To dress her in the PJs, watch her potter around her room, feed her the last bottle, and pat her to sleep. Some days, I'm practically falling asleep on the floor as all these are taking place. But I still want to do it, and suspect that I will miss this almost sacred bedtime routine when she no longer needs mummy to be there for "sleepy time".

Have a great weekend everyone!


Candice said...

it's very true when they say women these days have to play many roles and have high expectations of themselves to fulfill each role.

but i guess, it's all because we just want the best for our loved ones. you go, girl!

lilsnooze said...

No matter how tired how busy or how zonked, we want to be home for our little one.... :)

Hope you get some time off/out after the event!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Indeed! I think that's why so many choose to have fewer or no kids at all! (or even to stay single).

I haven't got to have a time out yet although I have been sleeping a little more :) You should sleep as much as you can now!

Potbelly said...

That's why mother's day is the most celebrated event!! But to give fathers the credit, they are much more supportive compared to the fathers of the previous generations!!

I love bubbles' little corner. Think I should create one like that too :)