It is the middle of the week. Is anyone as tired as I am? I've been getting so little sleep and feeling a sore throat coming on. I'm in the midst of doing possibly the toughest piece of work I have embarked on. The subject, the last minute (and changing) information pieces I've been given, and the high profile-ness of the project all heap stresses on me. Plus perhaps I'm just not good at this thing :(

From Sunday, Bubbles started again this 'demand' which she used to have when she was really little. Only Mummy can feed her last bottle now. NO ONE else. If you try, the house will be filled with determinedly anguished sobs. No Daddy, no Grandma, no Grandpa etc. Only Mummy. What do you do when a little chubby-cheeked one clamours up to you every night? I can never bear to peel her off.


Cindy said...

I remember how that felt when Tab refused absolutely to take the bottle and only wants mommy's breasts. :( The whole house will be filled with her anguish!

Thats when a good friend of ours remarked "do what a mommy needs to do, they'll grow up soon". And we just gave in and gave up the bottle.

Maybe Mommy can feed her for a few weeks and she might change her mind again!! I won't bear to peel our kiddos aside when it comes to such issues too! Jiayou!

ame said...

am tired too...
altho nothing to do with baby. heh.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Now I just tell myself "it is just a phase". You'll definitely be more prepared for how things will be like for No.2 I think! :)

*pat pat*