The timeout

Many people have asked me why I stopped writing. I have said different things to different people, with different degrees of clarity and detail. All because I was also figuring out many things myself.

Ironically, as I was going to write a blog post last night, I received a call from a dear friend. I ended up talking to her till past midnight, and in that conversation, I spoke with the greatest clarity to date about my break from blogosphere. I'm glad I had that conversation.

Anyway, in short, I actually gave up writing as part of Lent. I felt it was most apt as I had at that point nothing much else that I was induging in. (I don't even watch TV these days and I was already watching my diet as I was breastfeeding).

After that, I plunged myself into prepping to go back to work. Organising household and childcare matters took up most of my time and energy.

I also mulled over privacy issues. Do I really want Bubbles to grow up with an online legacy left by her mother? I was starting to be really uncertain about that and still am.

Blogging moms out there - how do you deal with this?

Nevertheless, I think the break was good for me. It was like having a good night's sleep and waking up refreshed. Do you know what I mean? :)


yuling said...

R has a picture like that too! The two of them somehow look quite alike from this angle, do you think so?

Totally hear you on the online legacy bit. In fact, my husband and I have been talking quite a bit about it. There's a chance I might lock my blog up just to 'privatise' things a little more. I once found my blog post on another blog, names changed only! It's scary what some people can do with our posts, pictures and all. So yes, this online chronicling might stop for me soon. :/

imp said...

write as and when you will! well, i don't even use my real name on fb. you know how fiercely private i am despite being fairly honest on my blog. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh you think so too? I've always thought that they have some similarities coz of their chubby cheeks and 'oriental' eyes :) But R is much fairer and I think chubbier. Bubbles has been losing her chubbs! boo :(

How freaky to have your blog post seen elsewhere! Why would anyone do that?! I think my chronicling will end too - it is just whether it will end completely or morph into the way I write about other humans :)

And you've been great at being private! But it is the baby chronicling that is so tempting and enjoyable. Let's see how this 2nd wind takes me!