Busy busy busy

I've been up late every night producing stuff for an event this week. All the last minute changes and the complexity of the content completely drained me.

Thankfully the dry run today went reasonably well after a panic attack due to technology issues that were eventually solved.

Through the stress, I have found strength in coming home to a smiley baby every day. Now, she understands when I need to go to 'work'. She'll see me changed in the mornings, and do her 'bye bye' wave. Some days (like today), she would wave bye bye and sob at the same time :( I would then carry that image of her in my head the whole day long, yearning for her. But always, when I return home, the sweetheart would squeal with joy, give me the widest grin, and crawl with all her baby might to get into my arms.

Bubbles, mummy will take you for more playground fun soon, I promise!