Work Wise

I recently went to the office to clear out my cubicle. My entire car boot was filled with the help of colleagues who lent their masculine muscles. I left a huge box that wouldn't fit in my car under another colleague's desk.

I am due to be back at work in April, after taking some no pay leave in addition to my maternity leave. The work I hoped to continue doing has been closed to me, and a new person has been hired to take my place. Interestingly, many options are being discussed by all who have power over me (in that one area of my life!), and every other week, I hear a new possibility of where I could be placed - if at all, that is, as I could be asked to extend my leave if no opening comes up for me.

Some might find the situation I am in unsettling. But I am thankful I don't feel that way at all. In fact, it has become somewhat of an exciting adventure - a growing curiosity about what plans God has for me in the near future!

In the meantime (but of course), I am really enjoying morning and evening walks with my little sweet cheeky one :)

- Roboman's Uncle passed away last weekend knowing God
- My carpal tunnel symptoms seem better with daily Vit B intake and hand/wrist exercises
- My dear sister who stays over to spend time with me each time Roboman is out of town
- So much love shown to Bubbles


QooFamily Blog said...

Hi Hi,, don’t worry about this at all;) I was actually retrenched in a HARSH way just 1 month after I return from maternity leave. But it’s a blessing in disguise... I spent 1 year of memorable moments with my bb as SAHM, start my own business, and recently get employed in a better company/position…. So GOD will definitely plan better things for you and baby ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. bubbles really looks good with hats and caps. She's so photogenic and cute! Defintely going to grow up being a sweet looking girl!

Anonymous said...

oh, and i think even if you're to take a longer period of leave, it doesn't matter because you get to spend more quality time with her! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

To be retrenched during maternity leave is sucky! But indeed a blessing in disguise :) What business are you doing now?

Thank you - yes I would relish more time with her. But it also means less $$ heh heh