iPhone Apps!

I'm on a lookout for cool iPhone apps. Send me your faves!

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Anonymous said...

it's an awesome pic! i love it! looks real good. :D

poiema said...

what's the one you used? :)

my fav game now is "blowfish" by trippert labs, heh. Sneezies lite is cute too, and both entertain k.

Polariod is another popular one.

~tif;fany* said...

i got alot of favs! :)

- free menstural calendar
- facebook
- words for free (play scrabble with friends! own time own target!)
- sg mahjong (paid app; USD0.99- bestest S$1.50 i had spent ;p)
- bible
- ihappydays (for birthdays and anniversaries reminders)
- ebuddy (for msn on the go)
- igv (the cinema, booking of tickets)
- laydio (local favourite radio stations like perfect10, class95)
- polarize (camera app, for polariods photos)
- ps mobile (to edit photos; mobile version of photoshop)
- fisheye 4 free
- puri lite! (neoprint stickers alike photos)
- action bowling
- who has got the biggest brains
- cool reversi
- hangman
- paper toss
- photo hunt by canon
- traffic rush

heh have fun! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks! It is PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia! It basically puts your photos into set templates. Some are pretty cool although most don't particularly suit baby/kid photos. I haven't downloaded any games! Will check out those you mentioned. Thanks :)

Wow, that's a nice long list! Thanks for sharing - am going to check them out!