Thighs to the rescue

Bubbles is now into standing up.

Yes, my baby, who only recently learnt to flip, constantly wants to stand.

It is funny how I take a while these days to get her to sit, as she will straighten out her legs and refuse to be put down. Put her feet on the ground and she's happy as a lark.

The thing that really cracks me up though, is when she tries to get out of her Bumbo seat. Yup, my baby tries to do that. She will fling her arms backwards, straighten and push her legs forwards, and actually manages to lift her butt upwards.

Fortunately, her (very) chubby thighs get stuck at the leg openings of the seat. (They get stuck when I put her in the seat too, so I always have to force the opening apart.) The little Bubs will not give up when that happens, and will earnestly push herself upwards again and again, putting her butt down to rest at intervals.

I'll usually go rescue her when that happens.

Hurray for chubbs!


Anonymous said...

they are all very clever aren't they? they figured a perfect way to get out of that bumbo seat all by themselves. no one taught them. no one showed them.
my daughters, both of them, don't like the bumbo seat. so they did the exact same thing that you have just described. the best part is, yes, u have found out by now, they get stuck. so cute...!

Poiema said...

We used to call it doing the Incredible Hulk. Tee hee. Its the way they strain and straighten their back...

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

haha, as I write more about Bubbles, you'll probably remember similar experiences with your girls!

That's just it! The Incredible Hulk!