Shelling out for friends

I have a dear friend whom I call Mango (yes Mango - the fruit and not the shop), who has a truly hospitable spirit.

A SAHM with no help save for occasional ones from the grandmas and a family friend, she is in my eyes a fantastic mother and domestic goddess. Even my mum is impressed.

Mango always has a cheerful disposition (Roboman can always guess when I am on the phone with her because he'll hear her laughter in the background), and is an ever patient and conscientious mother. Her little son gets a variety of homecooked food including healthy soups (everyday!), and a plethora of fresh fruits. She also manages to keep her house in a ready-for-guests condition and always has an open door policy. In fact, it was at her place (and on her bed) that I napped once when pregnant and feeling the onslaught of morning sickness.

During Christmas, she bought and prettily wrapped gifts for everyone from kids to adults, and baked cookies and chocolate crisps for each family.

Recently, we were invited to Mango's place for a shellfish dinner. She had 3 young families over, and we all took turns to eat/mind the kids. It was most interesting for me because I've never eaten some of the stuff that was on the table. We didn't even know what some of them were called! But they were all very tasty. We also walloped winter melon soup, fish curry and a refreshingly cold chin chow dessert.

I think even Bubbles felt the warmth of the hospitality shown - she was cheery throughout dinner, drank her milk readily and cooed her goodbyes.

Gratitude Post:
Friendships that last through changes in our lives


Anonymous said...

haha, why do you call her Mango? :)
anyway, it was such a shame i had to leave earlier that night. would love to stay and chat more. but my baby doesn't seem to like new places that much... since she was so distressed with all the crying, i had to head home... --wendy

sharmane said...

heh! i think i know who she is! yah, who do u call her mango?
totally agree... an always hospitable and cheerful mother :)

Jacinta said...

Aww, that's so sweet to read. Yay to good friends!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

wendy & sharmane:
Mango is my favourite fruit. Okay I know that sounds totally weird. I really don't remember what made us call each other by our favourite fruits! A-levels must have messed up our heads then =P