My Baby's Wardrobe

One of the fun things about having a baby is getting double (or more) of your personal quota of presents! After all a baby at Bubbles' age does not care much for prettily wrapped gifts, or new clothes.

I for one, enjoy opening up gifts, so I have been having a whale of a time the last few months, ripping open presents for Bubbles. Roboman doesn't care much for this whole gift thing though, especially if the gifts are clothes. Men.

My aunt came by today with a HUGE vacuum sealed bag of Old Navy clothes for Bubbles! (Vacuum packing was essential to ensure enough room in her luggage for her own stuff.)

Wow wow wow.

We have a skirt, pants, dresses, camis, tanks, tees, and even a little zip-front hoodie! It was like opening up a whole little girl's wardrobe!

I love them all and am touched by the thought and effort that went into this.

Now, does this mean I am no longer entitled to clothes shop for my baby this year? ;)

Gratitude Post:
- A wonderful, generous Aunt
- A steady stream of visitors from loved ones since Bubbles' arrival into our lives


poiema said...

Lovely! Of course this doesn't mean no more shopping for Bubbles... I find that now I hardly shop for myself and dress up vicariously through K!

mirrror said...

Me too me too. I'm always happy to open baby mii's present on her behalf. It's always fun and exciting, unwrapping in anticipation of what's behind the wrappers.

Oh, mostly likely you'll succumb to the temptation of buying clothes for Bubbles. I tend to shop more for her then myself. That's the thing with gals.

mummybean said...

that's so sweet of your aunt! i love opening all noey's presents too. heh!

Jacinta said...

You are soo blessed! *hugs*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

me too me too! I keep wearing the same old stuff over and over again. Bubbles on the other hand...hehe

Girls definitely have waay more stuff! Now I'm into hair accessories!

I know! It was such a pleasant and overwhelming surprise. Looks like it is a mummy thing - this opening presents thing.

I am and am thankful!

~tif;fany* said...

wow really generous of her!!

i love little girls!! they can be dressed up prettily!! =)=)