We're on a roll

Bubbles has been doing this recently:

She turns herself to one side, tilts her head backwards, pushes her arms forward, and arches her back. On some days, her legs kick in that direction too.

This picture was taken at a friend's place. The more experienced parents there said that she is starting to learn to flip!

How exciting! But it also means I can no longer leave her unattended on places she can potentially roll off...


imp said...

Happy Holidays and have a very blessed Christmas to you and the family!

Cindy said...

Yeah! That's fast! :) Yes don't leave her alone! Tab was left on the sofa for like a few seconds and she rolled off and fell flat on her face. :S A lot of blood and she looked like Donald Duck for a day or two!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

And to you and your family too, Imp! :)

Ouch that sounds really painful! Oh dear. I will certainly keep an eye on her.