Smells from the kitchen

I've been doing some baking this season and enjoying it very much.

My oven tends to be a little hotter than it should be, so testing out new recipes goes something like this:

For a 180C/1 hour recipe:
At 30 mins, my cake looks done.
Take cake out to poke it. Hmmm, a little wet on the inside.
Pop cake back in at 150C at a 'heat from bottom' setting for 10 mins.
Take cake out and poke it again. Still very slightly wet.
Pop cake back in for another 5 min.
Done :)
Let cool.
Spread icing.
Pop into fridge till the next party.

I still haven't figured out how to make it easier for myself! Bake at 1 hour at a lower temperature? At a different oven setting? etc.

Scratch head


eveeleva said...

simple, just leave it in the oven as you would, until the point where you think its just nice on the top but still squishy inside. then just get some aluminium foil, cover the top of the baking pan and pop it back, checking occasionally till it's cooked all the way through. the aluminium foil will prevent the top from burning. but would allow the heat to cook through the cake evenly. if you leave it to cook from the bottom, you could risk getting the bottom too dry. using the aluminium foil is much better option!

happy trying!

my oven's not doing well this month- sigh, so i haven't had the opportunity to bake.

though i'm hoping to crunch out at least 1 pumpkin pie before year end! =)

Daddy and Mummy said...

I know nuts about baking.. but your cake sure looks delicious!!

Jacinta said...

It still looks nice! ;)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey thanks for the great tip! I tried your method last night and it worked superbly :)

daddy and mummy & jacinta:
Thanks! This one got the thumbs up from the hubs :)

eveeleva said...

Great! YUMZ!...your cake DOES look DELISH!