I took Bubbles out all by myself for the very first time today.

I know that sounds terribly suaku and un-noteworthy to many Sept 09 mummies who have already done this tons of times.

So far, outings with Bubbles have always involved someone else other than me. When no family member is available, I take my helper along.

Unfortunately, even my mum and husband also weren't too confident of me going out alone with Bubbles, and that kind of added to my lack of confidence in doing so. It was beginning to get ridiculous. I felt trapped at home despite having a car at my disposal. I desperately wanted to wander out by myself without having to trouble another person.

So I decided today that I just had to do it. After a feed, I dressed Bubbles and myself up, and made her wear a bib (in case she regurgitates in the car and I can't dab off the milk as her carseat is behind the driver's seat).

Then, ignoring my helper's shocked expression, I popped Bubbles in a stroller and heaved my diaper bag on my shoulder as I headed out the door.

I'm proud to say that we managed rather well :) She was great company as I tried on clothes in different dressing rooms. She contentedly gave me coos and gurgles as I sought her opinion on the button-down outfits I was trying out (beats expensive nursing tops!). While strolling in the little mall, she obliged passer-bys who peeped in at her by giving them her trademark wide-eye gaze.

I think I can do this again :)


Anonymous said...

you can fit a stroller in a fitting room? But great for you! Celebrate! =) Fern

Jacinta said...

Yay, that's great! It's nice to have such bonding time. :)

Daddy and Mummy said...

well done! I'm sure you will do it again very soon.. :)

imp said...

well done babe! you can wander miles now! :D

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I was concerned about that too! Much like at airports when travelling alone - what to do with luggage when I need the loo? Heh. Thankfully all the dressing rooms today were big enough for a stroller. A bit of a squeeze but I had room to change :)

Yes in a way! Hopefully I can do more mother-daughter bonding sessions with her as she grows older too.

Daddy & Mummy:
Yes, like caged bird that has tasted freedom. Heh. The only thing is that I really don't like breastfeeding her when we are out. It is just messy (to me anyway)

As far as she can take being alone in the backseat by herself!

Cindy said...

Of cos you can do it!! It gets easier! ;) More reasons to go shopping with Bubbles!!

Little Miss Snooze said...

Well done! I have to admit I'm one who didnt go out with Nat alone till he was much much older and when the diaper bag becomes lighter...

moo said...


Before long, you'll be exploring Parkway Parade.

~tif;fany* said...

now who say you cant do it?? ;)

Jamie said...

well done! erm, i haven't gone out with jade alone yet! i guess the drives to and fro places alone with her doesn't count right?

anyway i love the picture of bubbles with the shoe u made for her!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I hope it gets easier! Have to think very hard before going out each time =P And there are definitely places we used to frequent where we don't go anymore coz they are not baby-friendly.

I can totally understand! Even with Roboman, the prep time required to take her out is a lot. From deciding where to go, timing the outing (must be after a feed), to packing the bag etc etc.

*cackle* I'm not sure about THAT! Although - do they still have a Play Deck? Used to frequent there as a kid!

Mostly my own mind. haha :)

Haha, do you also put her carseat behind the driver's seat? It is supposed to be the safest place but I don't like it that I can't see her!

Daddy and Mummy said...

Get a baby mirror for your car! We had one that it was used as a rear view mirror, then it was shifted in front when he was front facing.
But now at any one time, we can only see one baby..

Anonymous said...

of cos you can, sharon. you just did and it will only get easier... good job! *thumbs up!* --wendy

Cindy said...

It WILL get easier! In fact it takes a spirit of "bochap-ness" and being "thickskin" which will be developed as time passes. :P I nurse her outside these days and when I need a seat in the train/bus, I stare at people and guilt them into giving me a seat. HAHA.

Easier to bring them out while we can carry/trap them in a stroller. Soon they'll want to walk / be let out and I think it'll get harder. :(