It has been 3 months!

3 months ago, our little bundle of joy arrived. There was much excitement in the family - so much so that she had a receiving party right outside the labour ward! The 1st month was one of discovery for the family, especially for Roboman and myself. From the start, she showed a fiesty personality, kicking herself round her cot while on her belly during a crying fit. Mummy's fault then, as I didn't know babies can get hungry THAT frequently. She latched on confidently right from the start and thankfully my milk supply soon caught up with her demands.

Newborn Bubbles charmed everyone with her efforts to communicate. From distinct curious stares, to excited flapping of arms. She was an escape artist who never stayed in her swaddle. We sort of gave up and left her arms unwrapped most of the time.
Her cries were rather distinguishable, and we soon understood when she needed to feed. When she learnt to trust us, her hunger cry reduced to gentler 'eh eh eh' sounds to indicate a rumbling tummy.
Few things thrilled us more than when we saw her smiles; and she rewarded us pretty frequently with them. Even in her sleep.
The 2nd month was an exciting time as we watched her grow. Random smiles gave way to genuine responsive ones to anyone who made effort to talk to her. She also started to sleep longer through the night, allowing her mother's eye-rings to lighten somewhat.
This was also the month where she suddenly turned from a little newborn to a chubby babe. Her growth happened so quickly that we hardly realised it until we had to give away 4 packs of newborn diapers that she outgrew. Her hair also started to gradually stand up on her head, tickling the chins of people who carried her. We also found out to our delight that she is extremely portable - being able to sleep anywhere without disturbing her routine.
Rejuvenated from longer sleeps, I managed to set a routine for her that included play-time with varied activities that we are both still enjoying. She also started to do mini push-ups on her tummy, which was really fun to watch!

In order to allow bonding time with Roboman, we decided that he should feed her a bottle every night. She took well to this until one strange day when she decided she didn't like the idea. We thought it was a rejection of the bottle teat, but realised later that she only wanted me to feed her - be it bottle or breast! I could be lying right next to her but she wouldn't take the bottle if I wasn't the one holding it. We realised then that we really do have one discerning baby!
Bubbles just turned 3 months' old. She still has a smile that lights up the room :) This past month has been the most enjoyable one so far. I feel it has passed by almost too quickly! Bubbles is now a little chatterbox (in a good way). I enjoy having our daily 'conversations' and watching her earnest facial expressions.
She has moved from stuffing her hand in her mouth to deftly sticking either thumb in. I have watched her turn her head to switch suckling from one thumb to the other with perfect aim.Tummy time now lasts longer, with her surveying her surroundings the moment she is flipped on her tummy. She doesn't seem to want to flip on her own anytime soon, although I have been told to look out for it so I can make sure she doesn't fall off our bed!
Bubbles demands attention, and fortunately there are always people around to give it to her. She joins in conversations when she realises everyone else is talking, and responds to the first person who turns and acknowledges her. She enjoys being read to and to be shown books and pictures. She is not the docile, girlish baby. Instead, she is rather cheeky, and as her grandparents put it - very active and in constant motion. We warn people who want to carry her that she always insists on being carried facing outwards so she can see what is happening around her. Don't comply and you will get an annoyed babble!
After many nights of persuasion and many days of playtime, Bubbles now lets Roboman to feed her again. The number of people who are allowed to feed her now stands at a grand total of 2. She has categorised us as her only feeders and everyone else can at best be fun playmates.
She still smiles frequently in her sleep, and is now able to sleep 7-10 hours through the night. This is really wonderful for her previously sleep-deprived parents, and we are so grateful for this development! We know we just have to enjoy it as much as we can for now till the next change! (teething, perhaps?)
It is difficult to believe that it has only been 3 months. It sometimes feels like she has always been a part of our lives. A very special part. She holds the softest parts of our hearts and the hearts of her grandparents. It has been a privilege to be her parents. She stroked my face the very day she turned 3 months, turning me to mush.

Thank you God for blessing us with this little baby. May we be worthy of this precious gift, and learn to love and guide her as she grows.


cote-p said...

i love this post.. makes me teary eyed.. :) you're such a wonderful mom!

Jeslyn said...

Hey. Your girl is really cute and smiley. A very blessed family. :)) Merry Christmas to you in advance.

Anonymous said...

you know what? both my girls refused to be carried inward facing too. they will struggle and insist they face out, so they can see what is going on... amazing huh. -wendy

yuling said...

Happy three month, little Bubbles. She's so loved. Would love to catch up again! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I've been feeling rather sentimental myself. If Bubbles tells me someday that I have been a wonderful mom, I think I would cry!

Thank you! She is, we have been blessed :) A very happy Christmas to you too!

They are little curious ones, aren't they?

Just like your Little Missy. When I see Little Missy's photos, I imagine what Bubbles could be like in a couple of months! :)

Cindy said...

She is so sweettt!! :) And you have done a great job mommy! :)
Its great that you have a portable baby!! Tab would not sleep past 30 mins when she is outside home! Too kaypoh.

You're going to be more and more mesmerized by her as she grows up! :)