Christmas Outfit

Since I started on the breastfeeding journey, my wardrobe choices have been severely limited.

Besides nursing tops, I opt for button-down shirts that allow for easier access when feeding. The thing is, few things changes one's body more than a pregnancy can. My body shape is no longer as before, and I cannot fit into many of my old clothes. Nothing to do with fats or not - I suspect my bone structure has also changed!

Fortunately, a quick trip to some High Street shops got me a few good basic pieces.

For our yearly Christmas gathering at a friends' place, a pair of tailored shorts was perfect for lounging about in.

And of course - I can always do with a touch of red :)


imp said...

You're looking very good here. That smile says it all. I can feel you brimming wit happiness!

Little Miss Snooze said...

U r looking good!

Honestly I think I fit my clothes much better now.

Anonymous said...

U look great, babe!
Happy Holidays to you and family!

Cindy said...

You look great leh! :) I've been saying...pregnancy "disfigures" us. :P

mummybean said...

you know, i never thought i would say it but i miss my flat boobs! they fit into my clothes much better! now i'm kinda in between sizes, which is quite frustrating.

love your touch of red! you look good :)

moo said...

you look great!

celcilia_tjioe said...

You have a perfectly proportional shape!

QooFamily Blog said...

hi hi,,, i think u have very good figure, given the fact that u just gave birth 3months ago! well done!! =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks! The Christmas spirit :)

That's great isn't it? I can't fit into my old tops, and my hips/butt/thighs seem to have changed shape so some bottoms look weird too. Need a wardrobe revamp but afraid that I'll change again!

Thank you! And to you and family too!

Yikes, that sounds bad. hehe. but in many ways true. Thankfully the joys outweigh the disfigurements.

I heard they will go back in size when breastfeeding stops? That's partly why I am not buying too many clothes in case they don't fit later. But I know what you mean about in between sizes!

Thank you - cut of clothes good lah

You are too kind! I'm vertically challenged though!

Thanks dear. I've lost so much weight I say having a baby is my best weight-loss prog! It's the breastfeeding!