Chocolate Cravings

For some reason, I have been having pretty frequent chocolate cravings these days. I've been stuffing myself with chocolate milk, chocolate bars, brownies, cookies, cakes etc.

I asked my helper to bake these Chocolate Fudge cookies today. With lotsa help from Betty Crocker (wink). I supervised her in the making of some olive oil chocolate chip cookies last week, but they turned out to be failures :( I have been told it is probably because we hand-mixed the dough instead of using a machine (which I do not own). That effort resulted in cake-like cookies - with too much air in them.

This batch though, was foolproof to do. Not much supervision was needed, and they taste really yummy.

Our dinner guests tonight will get some :)


Cindy said...

Yum yum!!! :P~~~~

imp said...

i like cake-like cookies. they're light and non greasy. LOVES.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yums indeed. Am trying not to overdo it =P That's the problem with breastfeeding. Gotta think harder about what I put into myself!

Olive oil instead of butter really makes a world of difference in the greasiness of baked goods! Am glad I discovered it.