Bubbles is now really fun to play with. She responds to people talking to her with different gurgly noises.

She is experimenting with her voice and I get a thrill from identifying new sounds she makes each day :) Some are soft and gentle, others are loud and boisterous. Each one comes with accompanying facial expressions.

It is hard to photograph or video record her though. Many times when I whip out a camera, she stares at it and often shuts up in awe!


Cindy said...

Oh my! Look at Bubbles! She's so chubby!!! How heavy is she now??

celcilia_tjioe said...

I like the standing hair strand!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes everyone says she is so chubby! It honestly makes me a little worried sometimes but I am eating healthily! I don't know her weight now but at around 6 weeks she was I think 4.7+kg. She was about 95 percentile for both height and weight at the last check.

Yes the hair started standing bit by bit from when she turned 1 month. I'm trying to flatten it though so she looks more girly. haha :)

Candice said...

chubby is good! as long as the doc say she's healthy. :)

i like her hair too. so stylish!

Anonymous said...

Get a hairband. =) hehe. Must bug my hubby to kickstart squash again. Then I can come visit and play too. =)

Jacinta said...

She has such a satisfied look in the second picture! Haha.. :P

Amanda said...

She is soooo gorgeous!! I love her chubbs! Don't worry about the weight, she's on an all-natural diet from Mummy so I'm sure she's fine! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes she is healthy. Hehe. Just that she is starting to look like Michelin Man! haha

I have been given 2, but they keep slipping off her head onto her eyes! Yes come come!

haha, yes! She smiles in her sleep like that pretty often.

Thank you! People do ask me what I eat though when I tell her she is on full breastmilk =P

Cindy said...

Chubby is good! This is the only stag of life that fat is in! Please keep it up! :P:P:P