Play Area!

Since she crossed over to her 2nd month, Bubbles has been staying awake more often. I decided then to set up a play area for her, since we have not done up her nursery.

I made it comfortable and colourful. New toys are introduced to her every few days. She is already starting to show favourites.

Now, she is able to amuse herself for about 10-15 minutes (on a full stomach and clean diapers) with no adult interaction. I am careful to respond quickly to her when she 'calls' for attention though. She's quite reasonable and will show her appreciation when someone comes to her by smiling :)


imp said...

so colorful! i want to chill out in this corner too!

Poiema said...

Lovely quilt! Love the rainbow....

Bubbles is such a good girl! *pat pat*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Nice hor? heh heh. Wish I had more space to do up!

It was a gift! Noah's Ark. I really like it too. She's mostly a good girl! Just that now she hates taking the bottle, which is really making it hard for me to have a social life!