Night Bird

One night this week, Bubbles had her usual last feed at about 11pm. Strangely, she didn't fall asleep after having her milk. Instead, she was wide awake and babbling. She wanted to play!

I obliged as I thought perhaps she hadn't had enough milk to last through the night. At 1am however, she was still very alert. I latched her on again, but she still remained wide awake after drinking.

To cut a long story short, she was up till 6am! (Guess who else had to stay awake)

Thinking back of her day. I figured out why:

Sleeping on the tummy!

As I ascertained that her neck is strong enough, I tried that day to let her nap on her tummy. I was so happy that she slept much sounder and longer. I rejoiced that I didn't have to soothe her when she startled, and thought 'Yay' more time to do my own stuff.

Little did I realise that more (and better) sleep in the day could result in such an energetic night baby.

Thankfully, we managed to reverse the situation the next day by keeping her awake a lot more in daylight!


Anonymous said...

its the comfort of being at your bosom my dear... it is almost like a pacifier... they cry for it because they find great comfort in the sucking action and it helps them to fall asleep.... zzzz.... :) --wendy

cote-p said...

i remember my friend saying for her first baby, husband and wife had nightly debrief sessions.. what did we do right today.. what did we do wrong.. let's do it this or that way tomorrow instead.. ;) but bubbles is such a good baby sleeping thru the night at 1 month!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yup, that's why have to train! =P

That's a good thing to do. Now I figure it out myself since I am the one at home. Good thing she is getting more predictable.

Babylotta said...

What a cute little baby girl she is. She has lots of hairs for her age - didn´t she?