When Bubbles was born, I couldn't see her eyelashes at all!

Given that I won the "Longest Eyelashes" round in a kids' game at Sunday School, I was thrilled when her eyelashes became visible as she entered her 2nd month. They have since gradually grown longer.

They are most visible when she is asleep, especially the strands closer to her nose. The rest kind of tuck under her eyelids at the outer ends of her eyes. There's just something pretty and delicate about a sleeping baby's eyelashes!


Jamie said...

awww so sweet.. i love to watch jade sleep too.. haha

josiah n faith said...

hey, eliana had really short lashes too when she was born, unlike her brother who has incredibly long lashes. but they are growing out. guess our girls are just hiding their lovely lashes :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

They look so sweet sleeping, don't they? :)

Haha, yes Jireh does have really nice lashes!

Jacinta said...

Really pretty eyelashes! So precious looking. :)

olimomok said...

They just come out of nowhere, don't they!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks - yes, little baby parts are always so precious :)

Yup, just like how I didn't realise when her hair started to stick up.