The Bottle

This is a bottle of expressed breastmilk (EBM) that Bubbles refused to drink last night :(

150ml gone to waste! (Mothers who do this will know what this feels like)

Bubbles has always preferred latching on (me) for her feeds. From the start, we occasionally gave her the bottle so that she can get used to it. Then, about 2 weeks ago, we started her on one bottle everyday, fed at night by her Daddy. She would protest but still drink, and then insist on latching on after, even if for a short while.

Last night though, she screamed murder when Roboman tried to feed her. She screamed and writhed so violently that we thought she was hurting somewhere. So we changed her diaper to a different brand, and checked her for any causes of distress.

In the end, helpless with a screaming baby in our hands, I decided to latch her on. What do you know, she suckled so blissfully, as if the ruckus just before that never happened.

As a friend puts it, I'm going to have a very boobful social life if this continues! Eep


yuling said...

Ahhhhh, my heart aches for you! I hope it's the first and the last! :/

poiema said...

Hmm... k has not had any bottles since her third month... but i think my social life still ok lah.

Anonymous said...

time to buy a nursing cover for ur boobful social life! i've been contemplating getting one but i dun even nurse tht often!


Cindy said...

Oh dear! Sounds so familiar. :( Tab had bottle rejection from week 11 onwards! The good news is that they may decide to take it again after a few weeks. Don't give up!

mummybean said...

Perserve! Or you'll end up like me with a son who only ever drinks milk by direct latch. No EBM, formula, bottles, etc. N only has milk otherwise in his cereal. And yes, I'm still breastfeeding!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

My mum seems to have greater success.

So you have to bring her everywhere? You're so brave! :)

My friend passed me 2 - one bib and one poncho style. The former is used for when I wear a nursing top, and the latter when I'm not.

Thanks dearie! Yup cannot give up especially if I need to go back to work!

Wow, how do you do it? So when you are at work he only has milk when he has cereal?

mummybean said...

i went back to work when he was 5.5 months and back then he'd still grudgingly take a bottle or two when he got hungry enough. then he started on semi-solids and we put whatever milk he didn't drink int his food. nowadays though i feed him in the morning before i go to work and in he evening, and he has cereal for breakfast and some at tea. he sometimes also drinks from a cup. he does drink more milk from me on the days i'm home though since i'm on an alternate day schedule. i'm trying to wean him though and trying to get him back on the bottle!

Amanda said...

Ouch!!! 150ml of precious goodness!!

I used to cry when I had to pour my EBM down the sink because I would only get 80 to 100ml each pumping session so I'd have to combine almost 3 sessions worth for one feed. So when Ellie didn't drink, it really broke my heart!!!

Maaan, just thinking about it makes me want to cry!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Mothers like you give me courage! I'm still praying about whether to take more leave to care for her as well.

This is what we'll tell them when they are older next time! Did you know.... Heh Heh!