2 months check

Bubbles went for her 2 months PD check today.

Given that I have heard many comments like "Are you (over)feeding her formula?", "Is she only 2 months old? I thought she's 5", "She's really GROWN!" etc etc. I asked the Doc if she was too fat.

She said a big NO and asked "Haven't you seen really fat babies?"


At 5.9kg and 57cm, Bubbles is at the 97 percentile for both weight and height. The good Doc said that fully breastfed babies who eat and sleep well tend to grow a lot in the first couple of months, and then their physical growth will taper off later on.

She also said we're really lucky that Bubbles is already sleeping through the night! And me the silly mummy was asking how to get her to sleep longer =P

My good little big bubs!


Daddy and Mummy said...

She is a good weight! They will lose some fats once they start to crawl and walk.. so don't worry about it!

I like chubby babies too. :)

Great that she is sleeping through the night!

Cindy said...

Wow solid weight!! :D Tabby was only 5kg at 12 weeks, and 6kg at maybe 4 and half months. :(

I still wished Tabby was "weightier" in her earlier months, she was always on the 15th to 25th percentile, making me really worried. But Dr Tan (was it her Bubbles saw too?) was really assuring and did assure that she's ok still. She is still rather "lightweight" now, and only 7.5kg leh!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

daddy and mummy:
I'm looking forward to seeing her real features when she loses her baby fat. But I know that I'll also miss my chubby baby when she becomes a toddler!

Honestly, I was getting slightly worried about her getting too fat, and whether she will have too much fat cells in her. I have been told kids should not have too much fat cells as they stay in the body! So was very relieved when Doc (yes same Dr) said she's ok. Tabs looks great though, and she's so alert my dear - you shouldn't worry too :)

Debra said...

Nice meeting you and Bubbles today - hope she is fine after her jab!

~ Olimomok :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey! thanks for dropping by :) And thanks for letting me know about the numbing patch. I should have done that for Bubbles :( Hope your son's ok too!

buggiebite said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog suggested by mummy Tina. Your motherhood journey has been very encouraging and inspiring for me. :) Just out of curiosity, do you know which source you used for age-height-weight percentiles of Singapore babies? I'm curious about where Asher stands! He went to the pediatrician today and clocks 5.35 kg and 57 cm at 4 weeks. He seems a little pudgy... haha... not that I really mind. Keep writing and inspiring! (p.s. we really love the Asher romper you gave us)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by! Glad you like the romper :) If I have a son next time I'll definitely get a similar one too. haha!

For the percentiles - I follow growth charts in the health booklet that all the babies born in Singapore have (given at the hospital she was born at - I'm sure Asher has one too!). Our PD would mark on the charts her growth progression at each visit. You could ask your PD the next time, or check the graph in the booklet yourself. Asher certainly sounds like a nice well-fed baby :) Bubbles was at the 97th percentile for weight and height for her first couple of months, then her weight dropped to 75th percentile while her height remained. Our PD said breastfed babies tend to grow faster and bigger initially then they'll taper off later in the year to be the size their genes dictate! Hope this helps :)