The star of the parties

We had to hold 2 parties one week apart as we had too long a guest list. The first party was Bubbles' first experience being outside of the home or the hospital. It was also the first time she was meeting so many people.

She was a complete angel. She laid in her stroller totally mersmerised by the many faces peering down at her. Her eyes were wide, and she turned her head this way and that to absorb all the many things to see. She lasted almost the entire party like this, until it was time to feed. I then came to her rescue with my mobile milk bar.

She was a little less chirpy at her 2nd party though. Awake yes, but not as impressed with the party ongoings. It was probably our fault, as after my confinement period ended a few days before, we took her out almost every day either for lunch or dinner or both! Still, our little trooper only fussed when it was feed time, where I struggled to feed her under a nursing poncho. She then wanted to sleep, but I left her out still as there were still many guests milling around.

I didn't intentionally steer away from pink! She looks nice in pink too - but I also love these chirpy colours on her :)


josiah n faith said...

heee... bubbles' expressions on the two party dates are so different! love her slightly grumpy look in the second picture :) sorry i missed the celebration!

mirrror said...

hi, came upon your blog from links which i forgot how it came about. reading your posts brings back memories of the first days when we brought our little bub back some 7months ago. One of the best advices my friends gave me is things WILL get better. That kind of pull me through those not-so-good days. ;)

Take care.

celcilia_tjioe said...

Awwww... Bubbles soo sweet!!!

~tif;fany* said...

i think B is very very cute and girly!! *swoooon*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I know! I thought it so funny as well.

thanks for popping by! Would love to read your blog too. Thanks for the encouragement. I believe you - things have gotten better already from when she first came home from the hospital.

Thanks babe

Girly! That's a word many people have used to describe her. heh. But it is funny since she looks more like her daddy!

QooFamily Blog said...

i love the orange sunny and happy

Anonymous said...

I think B looks like her Daddy too but got bits of u as well :)
She's so beautiful!

Happy 1 month, Bubbles!

Jacinta said...

Aww...she's sweet la. ;)

Daddy and Mummy said...

She is such a good girl.. Happy 1st month! :)

Poiema said...

She's filling out nicely! Congrats on the end of confinement for mummy too!