Snot Buster

I probably spoke too early about Bubbles sleeping through the night.

At around 3am these few nights, she would wake up uncomfortable. Her breathing would sound difficult, and you can tell that she has a blocked nose.

Poor Bubs would wriggle and make pitiful noises. Her eyes would be closed and she would swing her arms around, occasionally making a swipe at her nose and mouth. Once in a while, she would let out a little small sniffly cry.

The paediatrician gave us a nasal spray and a nose sucker. The poor girl screamed her head off the one time we used the spray. After all, it is kind of yucky to have something sprayed up your nose when you are half awake in the middle of the night. Now, I just use the nose sucker to try to get out any loose snot.
Hopefully she gets out of this phase soon. We've already resorted to having the air-conditioner automatically turned off in the middle of the night, and once even letting her sleep in her little rocker chair. The reclining position seems to help her breathing. Poor baby :(

I too, want uninterrupted sleep again.


Cindy said...

Poor Bubbles!! Hey they do grow out of it ok? Tab had blocked nose for the longest time. At some point, I thought she wasn't even breathing properly! :S

We still use the same sterima to clear her nose from time to time. SHE HATES IT and scream murder everytime. :P

mirrror said...

Try elevating one side of the mattress in her crib (by putting books or whatever you have), so that she sleeps inclined. We did it for our babe when she'd her cold. Helped with her breathing.

Another tip from my friend is to place a steamer behind the baby when she sleeps, to help with the blocked nose. (yet to try that).

cote-p said...

looks like this is pretty common.. we faced the same thing.. k had wheezing too.. the sucker thing didn't work for us.. actually we only tried it once. we just left him to overcome on his own in the end..

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yeah I sometimes feel she doesn't breathe properly at night. Then I walk up to her cot countless times just to make sure she is ok! Yeah they really hate the spray, don't they? I guess I would too, as a baby!

Ooh, thanks for the tips! I will bear in mind. Elevating the mattress sounds very doeable.

Yah, the sucker thing only removes the snot, but it doesn't help the actual stuck nose :( Hope she gets over it soon. Anyway both her parents have sensitive noses, so can't blame her! heh

wendy said...

hi! my baby also got breathing difficulties. she seems to have a blocked nose and will make loud snoring-like sounds when she sleeps. it gets worse in air con. so i only use air con to cool down the room. and i set the temp to be about 26, not too cold. and don't let the aircon vent blow directly at the baby... once she fell asleep, the aircon is off and i open windows to let the air ventilate nicely. it definitely helps her to breathe better! and reclining position is also good. i tilt her up a bit with a tiny and light pillow... :) -wendy