God is Good...All the Time

I have a piece of thanksgiving to share.

I did think hard about whether to post this or not, and decided that if I don't, I am not doing justice to the sheer wonderfulness of God.

Those of you who have been following this blog would have read this entry. It was written in early August this year, when we heard the bad news.

Bad news of Roboman losing his job. It was a most sudden and unexpected occurance, given that it was something new he was asked to set up and head. We received the news right after our Babymoon and his last day was just 2 weeks before I was due to deliver.

There was no one to blame for it, as serious illness had caused the pulling out of the key player and owner. Still, a new person was just hired to run the operations, and a company bash was already being planned, so a closure was the last thing anyone expected.

I still remember feeling stunned when I heard the news, just as Roboman must have felt, when he did.

We prayed for God to intervene, and trusted that He will provide. I have to admit that there were times when I allowed worry to seep in, especially with the knowledge that many friends in the industry have found it difficult to find new jobs after losing theirs. And we were expecting a new mouth to feed.

But God has provided. Not just to the brim, but till our bowls have overflowed.

He let my husband be with me during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Through my challenging confinement period, and even 2 weeks after. The new father got to spend lots of time with his little daughter. Bathing her everyday and taking charge of night-time diaper changes. He had the opportunity to see her grow, hear her first gurgles, help organise her first month parties, and take her for doctor check-ups.

And as an icing on the cake, a new job has been provided. Roboman is starting work soon.

In God's perfect timing. Praise Him!


Cindy said...

Praise the Lord!! :)

fabulana@gmail.com said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!

God is good all the time! Thank you very much for such a powerful testimony. :)

moo said...

What fabulous news! In His timing indeed.

Ruth said...

Amen! :)

We rejoice with you on the new job and agree wholeheartedly about His perfect timing.

lynklee said...

He makes all things beautiful indeed. Good of u to testify.

You did a good job trusting!

Candice said...

that's wonderful!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Indeed! He deserves all praise.

I should shout of His goodness more often! :)

I know - I am in total awe about the timing. Really really perfect.

Thanks dear for rejoicing with us!

He does. I did have some feelings of uncertainty at times. The distraction of dealing with a newborn helped me not think about it so much actually!

Super wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

I believe we're always in HIS plan and as we cast our worries unto him, he will protect us.
It was all in his timing to have Roboman with you during Bubbles' arrival and first month!

Wonderful news, send my congrats to Roboman!

mummybean said...

that's wonderful news. god is indeed good!

celcilia_tjioe said...

Please convey my congrats to Roboman!

Little Miss Snooze said...

Such a wonderful testimony. It is indeed His timing.

Winifred said...

That's excellent! God is always faithful to those who is faithful to Him. Happy to hear the good news :)