Full breastfeeding is tiring and requires a lot of commitment from a mother. I feel the strain on my back, and the intense tiredness during night feeds.

But I enjoy watching Bubbles' every move, and scrutinising every little bit of her while she feeds. How she furiously shakes her head from side to side to get a good grasp of the nipple, how she bobs her little head when she feeds, the little gurgly sounds she makes when swallowing, the funny facial expressions, super loud burp sounds she makes, and the contented sigh she gives when feeding ends.

I know this experience will not last forever, so I shall perservere through panda-ed eyes to enjoy these shared moments with her.


Anonymous said...

oh yes the contented sigh bb gives when they are feed, i loves it too.


yuling said...

Breastfeeding gets easier and easier, really! Can't wait to see you again! Bubbles is soo pretty!

cote-p said...

oh! she looks different already! :D pretty baby!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

So adorable, right? She does it with a little heave of her shoulders too. heh

Yes, I believe you! I just wish I could tell how much she is feeding. Someone should invent some breastmilk drinking detector! haha

That's what people said today! But I can't tell leh.