The Blues

I have been asked: Have you been weepy?

My answer is a resounding Yes.

We have a bundle of joy, no doubt. But afterbirth pains, lack of sleep, confinement rules, breastfeeding challenges, troubleshooting cries, fear, feelings of inadequacy, lack of personal time and privacy etc have made my tears flow easily these past few weeks.

I have also cried watching Bubbles cry. Especially when we can't figure out why she is crying or how to stop her from doing so.

The first month is definitely challenging, and nothing comforts me more than hearing from other mothers who have gone through it.

Thank you all - you know who you are - who have texted/emailed/dropped by with your words of advice and encouragement.


QooFamily Blog said...

Hi,,i 'kaypo' stumble into your blog thru a friend's blog recently.. I had such post-natal blues after my first child's birth, dun worry,..things will get better after 3 months ;)

from a mother of 2(3.8YO,14M)

Jacinta said...

*hugs* :]

Cindy said...

The 3rd month is the magical month!! Gambate!! :D

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Take care babe *hugz*

celcilia_tjioe said...

she is cute with her pinkie! hehee..

cHeeRs said...

My mum used to encourage me by saying "endure for 100 days and everything will be fine" and it did! Hang on dear!

Tina said...

My heart goes to you. Give yourself a few more weeks to get used to your new status and when you look back, you will find it all worthwhile.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

QooFamilyBlog mother of 2:
Thanks for coming by and leaving a note of encouragement :) Always comforting to hear from other mothers! Will pop by your blog!

jacinta & iwhipiwokicraft:

Why magical?

Hee thanks! It is still too big for her though.

Am hanging on :)

Thanks for the encouragement!

Daphne said...

I'm in my third mum and it still come and goes. Just keep on keeping on.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey! I'll read about your experiences :)

Anonymous said...

just rem that when bb cry it's also their only way of communicating with us.and practice b.feeding by lying down. it's a whole lot easier so that bb can doze off to sleep. take care! :)


Kai and Yang said...
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cote-p said...

take care dear.. we're just a phone call away! it'll get better.. you'll learn and bubbles will learn too!

lilsnooze said...

:) I think everyone goes through it. It can get a tad overwhelming, but things really do get better and more fun. :)

Jamie said...

hey do take care of yourself.. try to take some time away from bubbles if you can, get ur mum or MIL to watch her while u go for a walk, haircut, massage.. it helps!
it will all get better, i think most of us felt the exact same way too...
email/msn me if need to chat, i think u hv my address :)