Time Fillers

Today is my first full weekday at home while on maternity leave. And I'm actually feeling kind of bored!

Didn't think I would, but I have to admit that I am.

There are things to do of course, like sorting out my many digital photos, planning for Bubbles' 1st month celebration, preparing Christmas pressies etc. All the things I think about doing when I was still working, but didn't have the time to. Now, when I actually have the time, I just don't really feel like doing them somehow. Me bad!

So I feel like a bit of a slob surfing the net and TV channels. Thankfully, a girlfriend popped by for lunch + ice-cream today, and mum came over for a chit chat, bringing along yummy tau huay and ingredients for winter melon soup.

I might pop down for a swim later when Roboman is back. A swim on Saturday did magic for the growing pain on my left butt due to Bubbles' growing weight.

Doc hopes I go into labour this week actually - and I am waiting in anticipation for signs :)

A lovely basket of toys and books I received for Bubbles - from my wonderful teammates (I have an amazing workplace!):


yuling said...

Babe, if you are bored, call me! I'm having hols now! Let me know ok? :)

celcilia_tjioe said...

No worry, u wont feel any bored when Bubbles come. =)

Jamie said...

hey try to eat all your favourite food now!! once u're in confinement, its going to be super heaty confinement food for a month...
and get lots of me-time b4 the little bub comes along!

Anonymous said...

have a smooth delivery. and yes eat all the things you feel like eating now! hehe ;)

imp said...

enjoy the 'do-nothing' days! fill it with whatever you want to do!

Jacinta said...

Have fun! Take a good break. :)))

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

COOL - I'll do that - hope I pop soon though! Can't wait. hehe. Spent the whole afternoon napping yesterday =P Terrible!

I'm sure I won't! I can't wait :)

I know - had ice-cream etc. I don't have much appetite though these days. No cravings whatsoever.

Thank you :) Yes will try to remember that. Had Coke yesterday. heh

Seems to be lots of naps these days. I can sleep and sleep. Amazing!

A break indeed! :)