Off for 4 months!

It feels really surreal that I am now off from work for 4 months! After about 8 years of working, I have never had such a long break from work before.

I only have one more document to vet before I officially close the chapter on work.

Sitting at home today though, although it is only about 11am now, has been rather stressful.

Our helper has been showing some bad attitude and lazyness. A huge disappointment for us especially since we have been really understanding and giving her time to ease in. We've had our part-time help come in for 3 weeks so that she can learn from them and so she doesn't feel the strain. Mum has been coming by everyday to help and teach her with cooking. Still, she gives excuses for things not done, and has outrightly lied on certain issues.

The latest example was from yesterday. She was supposed to wipe all the surfaces in our apartment, but she left out one room. When asked why, she said it was because my mother came and disrupted her schedule. My mum came only at 4pm. She was supposed to wipe at 11am! On top of that, the chore before the wiping was supposed to be doing the laundry - of which she didn't have to do because I said there weren't enough clothes to fill one load in the machine. She also only had to prepare lunch for herself as we weren't home. Pray tell, how long does it take to wipe down surfaces in a small apartment?!

And of course the incident that takes the cake: She claimed once that she didn't do ironing because there weren't any clothes to iron. Our unironed clothes are hung on an open rack for easy access. There were clearly 5 items of clothing, including one of Roboman's work shirts (obviously crumpled). So I don't know what she means by "didn't see".

Sighs. I really hate scolding people, it takes way too much energy.

Just a while ago I got mad because she lied that she knew how to clean our bathrooms. Since I am home today, I asked her to show me. She didn't seem to know how to do what she herself described as what she always did! I suddenly got a spurt of Braxton-Hicks contractions while getting mad, so I decided that there was no point getting myself too angry, and hence am sitting outside while she's probably attempting to clean our guest bathroom.

Sighs. Roboman and I just feel that having live-in help is really not our thing :(


mama said...

Give yourself a couple of months to assess her abilities. If it still doesn't work out, you still have time to work out a plan B before going back to work =)

yuling said...

Sorry, I've no experience with domestic help. :/ Just want to drop you a note to say stay cool babe, for the little baby inside you. Baby thoughts = happy thoughts :)

Little Miss Snooze said...

I've come to realise, they are v quick to give reasons when we point out what they didn't do. Perhaps it's defensiveness at work. Pun intended.

Dont take too hard. Perhaps monitor more and if her careless-ness or attitude really gets too much for you to bear, then decide what to do.

Daddy and Mummy said...

Wow.. u have started from maternity leave! It's now a waiting game.. countdown to arrival of your newborn! :)

Anonymous said...

it's not easy to train a D/H. try not to treat them too nice so you won't feel too much disappointment in them. it's really takes alot of patient and time to train them, even mine who have been with me for 2 yrs still need reminding and coaching. they can really helps out alot once u get them on track. take care ok.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Qixiang's mama:
Yes I guess so. Told her that we are going to see if she is suitable for us. She seems to have bucked up a bit after the pep talk.

Me too - no experience, that's why now having headache! ugh. Yeah Rob tells me to think of baby and not be stressed.

Maybe you are right. We also feel she makes excuses when she forgets or didn't do something. So we said we'll rather she tell us that she forgot than to lie to give a ridiculous excuse.

daddy and mummy:
Yeah! Doc hopes I go into labour next week actually. We'll see :)

Thanks for the encouragement. It is great that you had yours for 2 years! The husband says I am too soft and if I can't control her then he'll have to step in =P

Jacinta said...

Yikes, what a sudden turn of events. :( I feel for you. It's really not easy, but don't think too much ya? Focus on the positive, and just keep praying.

It'll get better! Stay happy for the baby! ;)

Poiema said...

So sorry to hear this when things started so promisingly. Impt thing is after bb comes out she must not be adding to your stress. I had a friend who had pnd becos of that. And when her helper left even though she had to do more work herself she was much much happier. Will keep praying. Hugs.

mummybean said...

oh dear. it is a bit tricky like that sometimes. she is still new so give it some time, but it's good that you let her know you where she's not up to scratch. do take care!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Things have gotten better! Thank God :)