Not Engaged

Bubbles, that is.

I'm one week to EDD and my gynae says Bubbles is still not engaged (meaning her head is not down my pelvic cavity).

I've also not put on weight the past 2-3 weeks (although my tummy DEFINITELY looks bigger and "sharper"), so she strapped me down today to check Bubbles' heart rate and signs of contractions.

Roboman was with me, and saw that Bubbles' heart rate went up and down - anything from 130 to 170 per minute in the 20 minutes the test took. I was worried while lying there because I thought that was some abnormality. Thankfully, my gynae said the test results are good - Bubbles is going strong, and ONE contraction was detected.

I've swum 3 times so far this week, and my gynae encouraged me to continue to swim. Helps with the backaches I'm getting now, and also breathing during labour, she says.

So it is back to the waiting game. As long as Bubbles comes out healthy and strong, I'm happy to wait!


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yuling said...

If it comforts you, Missy Raeann wasn't even engaged when my waterbag broke and contractions began. You both will be just fine. Relax and wait with abated breath the arrival of precious Bubbles! So exciting!! :)

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

It's getting exciting! Can't wait for e good news! u will do fine babe! =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha! Have been watching online videos about the birth process - and yes it usually involves some counting down!

WOW really? Cool! Thanks for sharing. I always thought baby has to be engaged first. Am so excited too. Everyday I'm looking out for signs.

Thanks dear :) I'll certainly post good news when I pop!