Figuring Bubbles out

Before Bubbles' arrival, I bought a pretty notebook to write down her daily activities. I thought it would be a great souvenir for her when she grows up.

Little did I realise just how messy it was going to get. With 2-3 hr cycles of feeding and changing of diapers, and half awake fumblings in the dark, we now have a mess of scribbles.

Time. Left (or Right) boob. What's in the Diaper. etc


dE said...

hi been a silent reader for a while. My notebook looks the same too!!I even include the sleep times cos my little girl doesn't sleep much.Bubbles is beautiful :)

lovexiaolongbao said...
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lovexiaolongbao said...

my CL came up with her own columns.
3. Pee
4. Poo
5. Remarks.

Under AMOUNT she'll indicate if i latch or bottle feed (and the amount consumed if available. Under pee and poo she just tick if baby pees or poos, and she'll write comments on the type of poo (yes u didn't read wrong) and the baby's growth.

The system makes it easy for me to count the total amount fed, and number of times peed and pooed.

Sleep time is a good addition to have i think.

Little Miss Snooze said...

Hee, I had this too! Tehpeng even taped his casio watch to the notebook so I can time the feeds. huhhuh

mummybean said...

i think all of us have charts like that! must admit i got lazy after a couple of weeks and just kept a mental note of the feed times, mostly cos N pooped and peed SO often.

Daddy and Mummy said...

haha.. that was what we had too, and keep track for around 4 months.

At first draw nice columns, then after so many pages, became a bit messy. We even included poo colour, changing time and all kinds of details.

It's good to keep the timing as reference cos' sometimes we tend to be a bit forgetful.

lynklee said...

I have a Really Messy notebook that isn't even pretty on the cover. The scrawlings past midnight were the worst... We kept records for 3 months till her routine became more regular. Dark days for me, those! It'll soon pass! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks for leaving a note! It is assuring knowing that I am at least doing something right!

Columns! I wanted to do that but couldn't figure out what columns to use. Maybe I'll try what your CL did and add sleep and activity too! By the way I find it hard to know what activity is suitable. She either gets too stimulated and refuses to sleep, or just knocks off =P

Taping a watch is a great idea! I should do that! Am always fumbling for my phone to see the clock.

Glad to know I'm on the right track! Yeah I can't believe how many diapers we've already used =P

daddy & mummy:
yeah we used to include poo colour too, esp after her phototherapy treatment. Now it is just mainly yellow. Think that's normal right?

Oh yeah I know how you must have felt. I've also scribbled with my non-dominant left hand, hence the mess =P But in the middle of the night with lack of sleep, I need to write things down because I WILL forget if I don't :(

Cindy said...

I did that too for a while!! then I gave up. :P Actually Bubbles is quite fast a drinker!! I see all the L and R less than 10 mins!! At best 14 mins!! Mine used to feed for a total of 40 mins or more in the first weeks!!!