Weddings on 8 Aug

8 Aug is a good date for Chinese weddings - more so this year as it falls on a Sat.

I attended 2 weddings, the wedding solemnisation of a childhood friend from church, and the wedding banquet of Chris & Bev. And I ended up tearing at both!

Heartfelt speeches and tears from the wedding party always evoke warm emotions in me :) I shall leave the gorgeous newlyweds to share about their own weddings, and wish them much joy, love and wonderful companionship in the years ahead!

Bubbles must have been excited too, because once again she is keeping mummy up at 4am. I'm actually kind of getting used to it. heh. She's good at mummy training!


imp said...

no photos of your dresses?!! i want to see!! i think you're so creative with the maternity wear/dresses you put on!

Jacinta said...

Haha, 4am is early...but not *that* insanely early ya? Good Bubbles. ;)

lovexiaolongbao said...

poor girl, i have trouble falling asleep at night too. last night i didn't fall asleep till 2am. but at least i woke up at 9 this morning. sucks right. i can't wait for this part to be over, need to tahan a few more months till the baby can sleep throughout! I am determined to try all the Baby whisperer techniques to put the baby to sleep all night!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Aww you are too kind! I'm just blessed I received many hand-me-down maternity clothes. So I just accessorise! Forgot to take proper pics though. Had a feather in my hair!

Yeah, but I also find it hard to fall asleep! So it is very little sleep through the night. On holidays it is bearable because I can nap as much as I want. Work days are tougher...

Me too, find it hard to fall asleep. Every position feels uncomfortable. I have to cushion myself with pillows everywhere. Yeah, let's encourage one another when the babies are out :)