Some of you might be wondering why I'm writing such long text posts only - for some reason Blogger is acting up on my home computer! :( I can't load photos or do any font changes. Ah well...

Am down and out today with a sore throat and a stuffed nose. Boo hoo. Wasted a day of leave. Am leaving J on mostly auto-pilot today - meaning I just give instructions now and then, and not really bothering to see if she did it correctly. (Thankfully I spotted her cleaning the toilet floor with a table-top cleaning cloth though!)

I just need sleep!

Thankfully mum's coming over tomorrow to help teach some cooking and ironing.

Hopefully I'm better soon. And praying I'm not down with H1N1!!!


Jacinta said...

Get well soon! I was praying against H1N1 for myself too, lol.

yuling said...

Oh please take care! Try to stay home! And babe, aren't you gonna take some time off before Bubbles pops?

Little Miss Snooze said...

Ooops! Rest well!

Soon, she will be on auto-pilot and you wont have to worry about her using wrong cloths. Perhaps she might even set her own system in doing things when she's more familiar. :)

Anonymous said...

oh dear, hope ure feeling better.
Loads of rest..u need it!

I'm sure in no time J will be accustomed to her new role!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hope you're better too :) I'm generally better - just tired and groggy.

I'm hoping to take about 2 weeks before EDD! Will see how it goes. Will decide by end of this week :)

Yes, and there is only so much to clean really, in a small apartment! I know what you mean now by having the apartment SO clean! heh. Now I'm asking her to help tidy up cupboards coz she seems really good at it.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks! Yup and trying to catch up on sleep during the day. She knows how to handle her chores now although not exactly like how I would want it. But I can't really be bothered coz the apartment is already so clean with the daily cleaning! heh