House Rules

Our helper is coming really soon!
I'm actually feeling rather nervous =P

With the help of friends' advice and templates, I have come up with the set of house rules below. Praying that we will have a happy relationship with her, and that she will be a good help to our family.

Rules in the House

  1. Be courteous and show respect to everyone, including guests in the house.
  2. Be honest – always tell the truth and do not steal. We want to trust you.
  3. Listen to instructions carefully and carry them out promptly. Do ask questions and clarify if you are not sure. If you face any problems, do also share them so that we can help you.
  4. Inform Sir or Mdm immediately if you feel unwell so that we can get you medical attention.
  5. Inform Sir or Mdm immediately if you have broken or damaged something in the house so that we can get it replaced. It is ok to make such mistakes sometimes, especially in the beginning of your work with us.
  6. Always wash your hands before handling food, kitchen utensils and touching baby.
  7. Keep the house clean and tidy at all times.
  8. Do ask first before doing any of the following:
    · leave the house
    · use the phone
    · take a nap
  9. Do not allow any strangers into the house. We will inform you if we are expecting visitors.
  10. Do not give our address and telephone numbers to any friends. You may only give these details to your family members.
  11. Be neat and decent in appearance. Do not wear short shorts, mini skirts or see-through clothes.
  12. Take care of personal hygiene. (Bathe, trim nails, keep hair tidy)


Candice said...

sounds like everything is in order!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Almost, almost :) Counting down to maternity leave!

celcilia_tjioe said...

happy for you! ;)

Jacinta said...

Seems comprehensive enough! Have fun. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I'm too anal =P

This actually is part of an 8-page write-up I did for her! I can't believe myself. But now I find it really handy :) Glad I did it!

Jeslyn said...

Hey, I can't help but to give you 2 thumbs up! You will be a nice employer. :)))